Voodoo Residue

The Rolling Stones




VIGO 156-157



   Special Features

Comes with a 32 page booklet and slipcase-style box.

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Disc Variations:

Gold CDR (w/Label)

Gold CDR


The Booklet:

The booklet included with this title features the following information:

- Liner notes by the folks at Vigotone (reproduced below)
- Track notes (reproduced below)


(VIGO 156)    10 Tracks - Total Time: 65:46

(VIGO 157)   13 Tracks - Total Time: 62:57

Jammin' With Richard

Definite Possibilities

1. Randy Whore  #1   (7:57) 1. Get Your Hands Off  #1    (6:38)
2. Thru And Thru  #1   (4:45) 2. Glimmer Twins Boogie   (1:37)
3. He Loves You So   (5:55) 3. Why You Runnin'?   (4:55)
4. My Love Is My Love   (9:20) 4. You Got Away With Murder   (4:42)
5. Disposition Boogie   (1:33) 5. Look Out Baby   (10:24)
6. Goodbye To Love   (2:29) 6. Randy Whore  #2    (3:58)
7. Alteration Boogie   (4:46) 7. Untitlted  #1    (6:55)
8. Get Your Hands Off  #2   (3:42) 8. I'm Fallin'   (6:36)
9. Make It Now   (9:13) 9. Keith's Blues    (3:33)
10. Slips Away   (16:01) 10. It's Funny   (2:39)
11. Anything For You    (5:49)
12. Untitled  #2    (1:52)
13. Thru And Thru  #2    (3:17)


Box Back Text:

The 2 CD, 2+ hour set is the perfect addition to the collection of those Stones fans who have been Voodoo Brew-ed and Stew-ed.  Inside are highlights from pre-production sessions attended by Mick, Keith and Charlie for what would become the Voodoo Lounge LP as well as many songs and ideas left by the wayside.  These are the songs at the earliest stage of development so be prepared for some surprises as we present for your sonic perusal:
The Rolling Stones - Voodoo Residue


Liner Notes:

At The Core...The Residue

          The Rolling Stones have always projected an unmistakable spirit in both their work and play.   Attempts to understand the band's intrinsic magic have yielded a laughable number of books, movies, radio specials, and what have you...  But you'll find no better illustration of what goes on "at the core" than these newly discovered Barbados sessions.
Unplugged?  Ha!   Try "unwritten".  Not since Goddard's One Plus One have we had a glimpse of such an early stage in the process.  At last the veil is lifted and we can actually witness "ground zero" in the songwriting sequence.  This is the Dartford Renegades at their rawest.
True, songwriting isn't always pretty but there is indisputable impact hearing these guys from the polar opposite of a stadium concert.  Stripped, if you will, of all the "touches", we are treated to a fascinating display of the residue...  The intuitive musical synchronicity of three life-long friends who, when they do get together, define the very genre we call Rock 'n' Roll.
Here again is evidence that Keith isn't kidding with his oft stated "we started with sixty songs".  For a long time now, it's been clearly evident that The Rolling Stones have discarded enough quality songs to put a whole other band in the Hall of Fame.
And while you may never get the chance to get cozy with Mick, Keith and Charlie, at least now you'll know what it sounds like.  So pop it on and get ready for some real surprises...  Remember, they found "Start Me Up" in a four-year-old pile of studio jams.

Stone Glimmerman

February 1998

Residual Thoughts

Randy Whore  #1  &  #2
While the title may be in question, here is the perfect illustration of the Stones' signature sound taking shape layer by layer.  Can there remain any doubt that most of their song credits should read "Jagger/Richard/Watts"?

Keith - vocal & guitar     Mick - vocal    Charlie - drums

Thru And Thru  #1  &  #2
Here's the song's private debut, with arguably more impact that the "arranged" final version.

Keith - vocal & guitar

He Loves You So
My Love Is My Love
Keith's favorite songwriting topic, according to Mick, and the heartfelt vocal bears this out.

Keith - vocal & guitar     Mick - vocal & keyboards    Charlie - drums

Disposition Boogie
Off-handed, perfect groove rock.  Not one band who has ever been compared to the Stones has ever sounded like this.

Keith - vocal & guitar     Mick - vocal    Charlie - drums

Goodbye To Love
The only cover version here, providing a peek at the shared record collections of Mick, Keith and Charlie.

Keith - vocal & guitar     Mick - vocal & bass   Charlie - drums

Alteration Boogie
Keith serenades the two great clotheshorses of rock...  Was anyone more "mod" than the '66 Stones?

Keith - vocal & guitar

Get Your Hands Off  #1  &  #2
Watch Keith go from slow cooker to double-time barn burner in a matter of minutes.

Keith - vocal & guitar     Charlie - drums    Mick - guitar #2   

Make It Now
One of so many dreamy Keith ballads that can't seem to be released.

Keith - vocal, piano & guitar     Mick - bass   Charlie - drums

Slips Away
Casual yet haunting chord changes capturing Keith's under-publicized soft side.

Keith - vocal & guitar

Glimmer Twins Boogie / Keith's Blues
Mick and Keith still enjoy returning to their roots.

Keith - guitar    Mick - guitar on G.T.B.   

Why You Runnin'? / I'm Fallin'
That Mick is one funky player on guitar.

Mick - vocal & guitar    Charlie - drums

You Got Away With Murder
Neat Keith track recorded months before O.J.'s stunt.

Keith - vocal & guitar     Mick - vocal & keyboards

Untitled  #1  &  #2
Two songs under construction

Mick - vocal & keyboard    Keith - guitar    Charlie - drums #1

Look Out Baby
Mick's continued stab at Joujouka blues... perfect companion to "Continental Drift".

Mick - vocal, keyboard & drum machine

It's Funny
Perfect 4:00 A.M. Keith reflection.

Keith - vocal & guitar     Mick - bass   Charlie - drums

Anything For You
They've come a long way since "Stupid Girl", baby.

Keith - vocal & keyboard     Mick - vocal


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