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VIGO 152-155



   Special Features

Comes with a 36 page booklet and a big 11" x 11" slipcase-style box.

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Box front  

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The CDs have different images of vintage dirty pictures...  The colors are:
Disc 1 - Orange & RedDisc 2 - Orange & Blue Disk 3 - Orange & Black Disc 4 - Orange & Green

The Booklet:

The booklet included with this title features the following information:

- Introduction by the folks at Vigotone (reproduced below)
- Track information (reproduced below)

- The band explaining the background of most of the Voodoo Lounge songs (not reproduced)
- Virgin Records' press release for Voodoo Lounge (not reproduced)


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Front Cover

Back Cover

VIGO 152 - 13 Tracks - Total Time: 74:04

Keith Richard's Voodoo Lounge

1. Love Is Strong   (5:45)
2. You Got Me Rocking   (11:00)
3. Sparks Will Fly   (3:16)
4. The Worst   (2:26)
5. Make It Now   (4:28)
6. If (Moon Is Up)   (5:04)
7. It's Funny   (4:36)
8. Sweethearts Together   (5:53)
9. Anything For You   (8:17)
10. Baby Break It Down   (6:00)
11. You Got It Made   (8:33)
12. Thru And Thru   (8:33)
13. Track With No Name   (3:50)


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Front Cover

Back Cover

VIGO 153 - 15 Tracks - Total Time: 73:38

Stack O' Tracks

1. Love Is Strong   (5:43)
2. 5-String Riffin'   (1:14)
3. You Got Me Rocking   (4:14)
4. Sparks Will Fly   (3:18)
5. New Faces   (2:51)
6. Moon Is Up   (5:02)
7. Out Of Tears   (5:32)
8. I Go Wild   (5:33)
9. Brand New Car   (5:05)
10. Sweethearts Together   (5:54)
11. Suck On The Jugular   (5:50)
12. Blinded By Rainbows   (4:41)
13. Baby Break It Down   (5:56)
14. Thru And Thru   (8:26)
15. Mean Disposition   (4:10)


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Front Cover

Back Cover

VIGO 154 - 16 Tracks - Total Time: 73:31

Zulu Fun Mixes

1. Monsoon Ragoon   (4:35)
2. Sweethearts Together   (3:15)
3. Tease Me   (4:21)
4. Possesses Me   (7:37)
5. Bump And Ride   (5:48)
6. Middle Of The Sea   (3:42)
7. Zulu #1   (4:37)
8. Zulu #2   (4:12)
9. Samba   (3:42)
10. Alright Charlie   (4:03)
11. Another CR   (9:53)
12. Yellow Jacket   (2:03)
13. Ivy League   (3:15)
14. Honest Man #1   (4:28)
15. Honest Man #2   (4:23)
16. Zip Mouth Angel   (3:30)


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Front Cover

Back Cover

VIGO 155 - 10 Tracks - Total Time: 73:20

Honest Ron Wood & Keith Richard

"It's A Tall Order For Two Queers"

1. It Takes A Lot To Laugh   (1:28)
2. Travelin' Man #1   (5:09)
3. Travelin' Man #2   (4:47)
4. When I Wage A Crown   (5:49)
5. Nearness Of You   (7:07)
6. Nearness Of You   (14:31)
7. Nearness Of You   (7:40)
8. Out Of Tears   (8:44)
9. Studio Conversation   (2:19)
10. You Got It Made   (17:15)


Liner Notes:

Voodoo Stew

It was during the Main Offender interviews that Keith laid down the gauntlet by boldly predicting an impending "golden age" for the Rolling Stones' next few albums.  Giving him the benefit of every doubt, it's still safe to say that few people truly expected any more quintessential Stones albums.  There will always be people who insist the band will never be what it was in 1963...or '66...or '69...or '72...or '78...or...well you get the point.  But for the Voodoo Lounge sessions, the magic was back.

From the beaches of Barbados, to Woody's basement studio in Ireland, and finally to the shaky ground of Hollywood (with a stop at the Clearmountains of New York), Voodoo Lounge quickly shaped up as the kind of album that Stones fans always want.   The band finally acquiesced to re-visiting the sounds and feels of the sublime 1968-1972 period (their first "great comeback").

The nod to the past (maracas...harpsichords...great songs) gave easy ammunition to the critics and Some in the band have already promised a "new direction" next time, so we may never again hear such sticky, exiled, beggars in a studio setting.

Featured herein is the creative process as the faucet is running...studio warm-ups complete with clanking wine glasses...overdubbing harmonies which would later bow to Bernard and Ivan...a virtual Keith solo Voodoo Lounge...karaoke heaven - Voodoo Lounge instrumental... and for the first time, a chance to hear the standard practice of Mick and Keith playing new songs at each other in Barbados pre-production sessions.  So Voodoo You...Boogie With Stew...And try to remember that before the term "rock band" even existed, a wise man wrote: "The Rolling Stones are more than just a group..THEY ARE A WAY OF LIFE."

Stone Glimmerman


Track Notes:

VIGO 152: Keith Richard's Voodoo Lounge

1. Love Is Strong
Extended alternate mix with no backing vocals.
2. You Got Me Rocking
Early writing version with Keith on lead vocal and Mick on backups  -  Features organ and piano.
3. Sparks Will Fly
Double-tracked Keith vocals with different acoustic parts and b-bender fills.
4. The Worst
Beggars re-mix edit  -  No Mick backing vocal.
5. Make It Now
Unreleased with Keith on lead and backing vocals.
6. If (Moon Is Up)
Extended acoustic guitar mix with Keith vocal  -  Buried steel guitar and no harmonium or percussion.
7. It's Funny
Unreleased  -  Keith vocal.
8. Sweethearts Together
Extended alternate mix with Keith on vocal  -  Fiddle but no accordion.
9. Anything For You
10. Baby Break It Down
Extended alternate mix.
11. You Got It Made
Unreleased song.
12. Thru And Thru
Pre-overdub extended alternate mix.
13. Track With No Name


VIGO 153: Stack O' Tracks

1. Love Is Strong
Extended alternate mix.
2. 5-String Riffin'
Mick opens his tuning.
3. You Got Me Rocking
Alternate mix.
4. Sparks Will Fly
Alternate mix.
5. New Faces
Unplugged pennywhistle mix.
6. Moon Is Up
Extended alternate mix.
7. Out Of Tears
Extended alternate mix  -  No overdubs.
8. I Go Wild
Extended alternate mix  -  No discernable keyboards.
9. Brand New Car
Early backing track.
10. Sweethearts Together
Extended alternate mix with bass.
11. Suck On The Jugular
Early backing track.
12. Blinded By Rainbows
Alternate acoustic mix.
13. Baby Break It Down
Alternate early mix.
14. Thru And Thru
Alternate early mix.
15. Mean Disposition


VIGO 154: Zulu Fun Mixes

Pre-production Barbados song presentations.

(No individual track notes.)


VIGO 154: Honest Ron Wood & Keith Richard

"It's A Tall Order For Two Queers"

1. It Takes A Lot To Laugh
Mick - vocal, piano 
2. Travelin' Man #1
Mick - vocal, piano   
3. Travelin' Man #2
Mick - vocal, piano   -   Keith - guitar
4. When I Wage A Crown
Keith - vocal, piano
5. Nearness Of You
Keith - vocal, piano 
6. Nearness Of You
Keith - vocal, piano
7. Nearness Of You
Keith - vocal, piano   -   Ronnie - Nashville guitar
8. Out Of Tears
Studio playback and conversation.
9. Studio Conversation
10. You Got It Made
Keith and Ronnie overdub backing vocals.


Note: A "fake" version of this title also exists...

Real Vigotone

Fake Vigotone

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The original Voodoo Stew also came in a large slipcase style box with a large booklet.  As with Voodoo Brew, the fake comes in a slightly larger box, where the top lifts off.  The fake's CDs are in a plastic tray, which fits into the bottom box.  The original release was on CD, as is the copy.  (Note how the CDs are arranged in the boxes.  Two of the original's CDs are sideways in order to fit all of the CDs into the box.  None of the fake's CDs are sideways.)


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